COVERT Pro 3.0

Excellent complement to standard antivirus programs on a secure platform

Unlike standard antivirus programs, COVERT Pro protects your PC against spyware, screenshoters, and keyloggers in an innovative and efficient way. Instead of limiting its role to detecting and uninstalling threats from your computer, this protection tool creates a secure environment – using its exclusive “masking method” – that blocks all possible access from any external program to your PC activities.

COVERT Pro claims – and rightly so – that traditional and standard antivirus programs are unable to protect your PC from all possible risks, especially those that install on your system and work in stealth mode to capture any information coming from your keyboard and even your system’s built-in microphone. Known as keyloggers, these spyware tools will capture your serial keys, passwords, bank account information, and anything else you type on your keyboard, thus making useless even the most sophisticated passwords. The same goes for any information displayed on your screen, as screenshoters can take snapshots of your screen activity and thus steal sensitive information about you and your system. Using its masking method, COVERT Pro creates a safe environment where you can work freely and out of the reach of any of these spy programs.

The program allows you to create shortcuts to a dozen of the programs you use more frequently or to specific programs you want to use only within this secure platform. Thus, you can open any of these tools directly from COVERT Pro and thus make sure that all data coming in and out of those apps cannot be reached by anyone but you. This excellent protection tool will mask all your actions, making your activities invisible to any spy program. Your keyboard input, your screen, and even the sounds around you are blocked to any attempt of external access. This masking method guarantees that even when you know your PC is infected – but you’re unable to uninstall the corresponding spyware tool – you can still work within the secure platform assured that your activities are not being monitored and stolen by external attackers.

COVERT Pro also offers you tools to detect and block unwanted or unneeded drivers, processes (hidden or otherwise), services, and DLLs installed on your system, which may well be connected to spyware tools trying to steal your data. You will need to have certain knowledge of what all of these items are and how they work to be able to decide how to deal with them, though the program will provide you with useful visual clues – coloring the various items in green, yellow, or red – and databases of prohibited drivers and processes which will help you make efficient decisions.

COVERT Pro works seamlessly with any traditional antivirus tool installed on your system. It offers you a different and novel way to protect your system, thus complementing the more standard approach of antivirus programs for fighting spyware, malware, and other threats.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Works together with your favorite antivirus program
  • Blocks your PC fully against external attacks
  • Makes your system invisible to keyloggers and other threats
  • Works with physical and virtual keyboards
  • Protects your PC against unwanted sound recordings


  • Requires a good knowledge of your system's drivers, services, DLLs, etc
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